Monday, December 19, 2011

Coming off a long hiatus...

Starting again in January I will be posting more regularly to this blog.  I haven't written much since last June, and I think I have spent long enough recharging my batteries.  Immediately after it is published in the Burlington (VT) Free Press, I will post my first blog of 2012 in this space.  Thereafter, I hope to push out a new post every couple of weeks.

The Vermont Arts Council, in the meantime, has been posting some really wonderful pieces by Council staff in Artmail.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

You wrote, "With the right kind of collaborative, strategic and socially-integrated investment, the arts sector could easily thrive and become integral to Vermont's economic vitality, not just a pleasant, icing-on-the-cake afterthought." In relation to education, using engagement before information will have a far greater impact and relevance, will be desired, retained, and used. Teaching artists are needed in the schools!!!